Case Study


Multicultural Caregiver Journey

old person waving a young man through a computer


A pharmaceutical company with a drug treating schizophrenia wanted to understand the impact of culture on diagnosis, treatment and care of the disease among diverse populations in the U.S.


We conducted online interviews with caregivers of schizophrenia patients from the Latinx, African American, and Asian American communities, many of whom were family members. We also conducted several “control” interviews with non-Hispanic white caregivers for comparison. We utilized experienced moderators who reflected the participants’ language and culture.


The study uncovered distinct differences between communities of color and the “general market” in terms of attitudes toward the disease itself as well as the understanding of caregiving.

Stakeholders were thoroughly briefed on the role and responsibilities of caregivers in these communities, as well as their understanding of (and struggle with) the disease itself.

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