Political & Issue Advocacy

Our Political and Issue Advocacy capabilities:

Creative Development and Production

  • Television commercial production
  • Radio Ad production
  • Digital content creation
  • Cross-Platform campaign development
  • Performance tracking and analytics across TV, radio, and digital channels

Message Development and Message Testing

  • Message development workshops
  • Creative concept testing
  • Copy testing surveys
  • Message recall studies
  • Message effectiveness tracking

Strategic Communications Planning and Execution

  • Communication strategy workshops
  • Stakeholder engagement surveys
  • Media consumption analysis
  • Brand messaging audits
  • Communication effectiveness monitoring

Qualitative Market Research

  • Focus group moderation and analysis
  • In-depth One-on-One interviews
  • Listening tour design and execution
  • Ethnographic research and observation studies
  • Qualitative data interpretation and insight generation

Media Consulting

  • Media strategy development
  • Audience analysis and segmentation
  • Media buying and planning assistance
  • Content strategy for different platforms
  • Performance tracking and optimization

Expertise in Key States

usa map


- Stanton for Congress 2022 (DCCC IE)

- Kelly for Senate 2022 (DSCC IE)

- Kelly for Senate 2020

- Barber for Congress 2014 (DCCC IE)

New Mexico

- Vasquez for Congress 2022 (DCCC IE)

- Torres Small for Congress 2020-2018 (DCCC IE)


- Caraveo for Congress 2022 (DCCC IE)


- Cuellar for Congress 2022 (DCCC IE)

- Kulkarni for Congress 2020 (DCCC IE)

- Ortiz Jones for Congress 2020 (DCCC IE)

- Valenzuela for Congress 2020 (DCCC IE)


- Mucarsel-Powell for Congress 2020-2018 (DCCC IE)

- Shalala for Congress 2018 (DCCC IE)

- Nelson for Senate 2018 (IE)


- Bordeaux for Congress 2020 (DCCC IE- SPA)

- Bordeaux for Congress 2020 (DCCC IE- ENG)

N. Carolina

- Beasley for Senate 2022 (DSCC IE)

New York

- Delgado for Lt. Governor 2022

- Adams for Mayor 2021


- Fetterman for Senate 2022 (DSCC IE)

New Jersey

- Menendez for Senate 2018

- Murphy for Governor 2017


- Hayes for Congress 2022 (DCCC IE)


- Lower Costs CA 2024 (Hub Project)
- Lower Costs CA 2023 (Hub Project)
- Levin for Congress 2022 (DCCC IE)
- Gray for Congress 2022 (DCCC IE)
- Salas for Congress 2022 (DCCC IE)
- Cox for Congress 2020-2018 (DCCC IE)
- Smith for Congress 2020 (DCCC IE)
- Harder for Congress 2018 (DCCC IE)
- Eggman for Congress 2016 (DCCC IE)
- Caforio for Congress 2016 (DCCC IE)
- Applegate for Congress 2016 (DCCC IE)


- Cortez Masto for Senate 2022 (DSCC IE)

- Rosen for Congress 2016 (DCCC IE)

- Kihuen for Congress 2016 (DCCC IE)

Past client teams include:

U.S. House
U.S. Senate
Advocacy & Issues

Our Political & Issue Advocacy division is committed to:

Listening to the beliefs, struggles, needs and aspirations of historically underrepresented multicultural communities who are a vital part of the U.S. population.
Ensuring that non-profits, education and advocacy groups, candidates and campaigns deeply understand the full scope of issues and challenges facing multicultural voters and their families and providing an integrated, innovative approach to address them.

Providing fully bilingual in-house capabilities in creative development and production.

For more information on our political strategy and issue advocacy work, please contact Michele Cordoba

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