Case Study


Multicultural Patient Journey

young woman taking care of the health of a old woman


A non-profit organization was looking to better understand the experiences of multicultural patients diagnosed with Parkinson’s disease, with the dual goal of identifying any barriers that affect access to quality care and exploring the need for/interest in a community-focused outreach and service program.


We conducted focus groups in among Black and Latinx PD patients and their caregivers in key markets where specialized services were already available. In order to establish trust and improve show rates, we worked with local neurologists in each market to identify potential participants.


Findings suggested that these PD patients do not utilize available resources because they feel isolated by their condition. For some, language presents a tangible barrier, but cultural norms and perception of the disease present other barriers.

We utilized the insights gained in the groups to recommend specific orientation, resource and support programs to address key pain points and better address the needs of both patients and caregivers.

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